Everyone who runs a website knows that they need to work hard to get traffic to come to their site. Usually the question is, should I spend a lot of time or a lot money getting traffic to come to my site? Well, I have discovered a way to get tons of high quality, targeted traffic to come to your site with a small investment in time and money.

Advertising with keyword targeted ads is a great way to bring in quality, targeted traffic, but the cost can add up quickly and end up becoming a huge monthly expense. Connecting with people on twitter is also a great way to bring in targeted traffic, but the time required can be burdensome.

There are tons of people on twitter actively engaging with one another about things they are passionate about. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get those people with the same interests to visit your website? Well, you can do this by actively engaging with them, while letting them know about your site. But who has time to spend all day, everyday on twitter?

The trick is to implement the TweetAdder software to batch your input time and automate the simple stuff. So instead of logging onto twitter everyday for hours, you spend one hour at the beginning of the week setting up a couple tweets to go out over the course of the week. At the end of the hour you can use the powerful search feature to create a refined, hyper targeted list of people that are likely to follow you back. Be sure to set the search results to 100, let your pointer hover over the follow button and click away. To get the most people to follow you back as possible, be sure to crank out high quality tweets that aren’t spammy, and that are related to your website’s subject. If you keep this up, you’ll soon be getting tons of free traffic like this:


This amount of traffic would cost a fortune with keyword advertising, but it can be had for free by marketing on twitter! It is a great way to promote a business or personal website. Have more than one twitter account? No problem, TweetAdder can manage multiple accounts also.

You can download TweetAdder Demo or Buy Tweet Adder here.